Entrepreneurship Workshops

Our team conducts workshops and seminars to empower aspiring Eritrean entrepreneurs to start businesses or explore self-employment opportunities. We provide guidance on business planning, marketing strategies, and financial management.

Mentorship Program

The organisation establishes a mentorship program that pairs experienced professionals from the Eritrean community with younger individuals seeking guidance and support in their career paths. This program helps facilitate networking opportunities and provides valuable advice.

Job Skills Training

We offer vocational training programs that focus on developing skills needed for employment opportunities in the local job market. This program includes language classes, computer literacy courses, and specific skill-building workshops.

Educational Support

The organization is creating an educational support program aimed at Eritrean students in London. The program will offer tutoring services and study groups to help students with homework, exam preparation, and language skills improvement.

Vocational Training Centre

Kafel Aid aims to offer vocational training programs in the UK that cater to the needs of the community. These programs will equip individuals with the necessary skills to work in fields that best suit their abilities and interests.

Well-being Workshops

Kafel Aid organises workshops on mental health, stress management, and well-being tailored explicitly for the BAME community. Collaborate with local organisations to provide resources and support for community members.